Bass 2006-2008
Solidifying the rhythm section was bassist David Morrison. By far the hardest working bass player in the area, Morrison also came from the Viberaiders and additionally plays with Lima Charlie and the Ian Murray Band. Possessing a tremendous musical knowledge gives Morrison the ability to contribute both a “perfect fit” in his bass part while breathing life into the rhythmic heart of Kovax, KOVAC BROTHERS.

     Bass – 2004 Keith Roscoe custom LG-3005 (5 string) 
     Rig – Ampeg, SWR or Gallien-Krueger (depending on the night)

Kovac Brothers (KoVaX) On-line Interview (March 14, 2006)

1. What is your favorite KOVAX song to perform and why?
The Silence That I Dread – I really enjoy the odd time signature, the bridge section and especially the improvisation that occurs during the solo section. That particular part of the song changes every time we perform - which makes it interesting and exciting for the audience and for the band as well.

2. How does KOVAX fit in to the current music scene?
I would put us somewhere in the Rock/R&B/Pop genre – depending on the song…

3. Are there any particular parts the other players have come up with you enjoy listening to?
I like the calypso part that Geordie came up with in Hey You Christine (at least I think that was Geordie). I also enjoy all of the horn parts.